By implementing the right strategies, we can make organizational change less stressful.


For any entity that wants to merge, dissolve, convert from a for-profit business to a nonprofit organization, change its tax status, establish a sister entity or subsidiary, simplify its legal structure, affiliate with another organization, transfer substantial amounts of its property to another entity, or consider any other fundamental change, we help evaluate the options and develop implementation strategies to conserve resources.


We are change agents.  We find efficiencies and help apply strategies that help nonprofit organizations save time, money and make change less stressful.  We meet with leadership, identify needs, work to develop the tools needed to make decisions, and provide a clear roadmap of how to implement the plan.  We consider the details and assist with the implementation process to make transitions as fluid as possible.


Here’s just a short list of the services we provide to facilitate the restructuring process for nonprofits:

  • Mergers of nonprofits
  • Merger-ready assessments
  • Due diligence on potential affiliations and acquisitions
  • For-profit to nonprofit conversions
  • Implementation strategies
  • Formation of sister entities and subsidiaries (LLCs and others)
  • Evaluation and simplification of corporate structures
  • Visual mapping of corporate infrastructure
  • Governance guidance
  • Review and amendment of governing documents (Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation)
  • Affiliation agreements
  • New venture structures
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Review of tax status
  • Dissolutions
  • Attorney General correspondence
  • Orphans’ Court petitions
  • Entity formation for liability protection
  • Design of corporate structure for lobbying compliance, fundraising, liability protection, etc.

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